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Video content for social media, work project, documentary, aftermovie or something totally different?

That's what I do!


Previous work


I spent all of October 2023 with Halmstad University Solar Team, documenting their journey preparing for, and completing the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. 

It was a fun, but highly challenging project that taught me a lot.


All footage is filmed, edited and colorgraded by me. I also wrote and did the voiceover for the storyline. Everything is filmed vertical to be ideal for viewing on social media.

Travel moments

In November of 2023, me and my boyfriend Bailey travelled along the coast of Western Australia in a Toyota Landcruiser Troopy, and discovered many beautiful places on the way.


I captured some sweet moments with my camera and put them together as a memory for the future. 


On my 22nd birthday, I decided all I wanted to do was create something beautiful. So I woke up at sunrise in Byron Bay and brought my camera and tripod on a 5 hour long hike up a mountain. I believe this is the best video I have ever created (so far). 

Family traditions

Every winter, my family meets up deep in the forest to pick and cut down a christmas tree. I realised this tradition might not live on forever and I wanted to capture it while i still could.

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