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The Full Story About


Taking inspiration from my upbringing in the the western horseback-riding culture, my time living in Western Australia and my roots in western Sweden, a nordic country, I now present the launch of my brand WESTNORDIC.


My goal is to create ethically and locally produced women's clothing, mixing nordic, tropical and western vibes into something unique. 


In the future I see WESTNORDIC having multiple collections consisting of a variety of garnments. Today, I have designed two pieces of which one I'm looking to start producing.


With a vast background within photography, videography, graphic design and social media marketing, I feel as tough I am equipped with most of the necessary tools and skills to create a succesful brand from scratch.

As soon as I have a finished sample/product I will travel to Greece and Costa Rica with marketing partner Madeléne Stensrud to shoot content and thus launch social media accounts.

Focus will be on Instagram and Tiktok. On Instagram the brand will have its own handle and on tiktok I'm thinking of using my personal account to have the possability to share more behind the scenes and type in "I-form"


The first product


A short skirt with built in shorts in a comfortable yet structured cotton-blend. Mid-rise, closing with a hidden zip on the side. Simple, yet pretty and works for every occasion. The hidden shorts provide security and prevents any accidental flashing, thus allows you to feel confident doing any activity in the skirt. Depending on possibility, discreet pockets might be added to the shorts or the skirt, to provide more funtionality. Girls need pockets too!

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